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The Aspects of Vertical Compactors

The Aspects of Vertical Compactors

Vertical compactors are suitable for situations when there is limited space available for a compactor, where roll off service is not available and where wet waste does not create a need for a larger system. This mode of setup for a compactor is ideal for restaurants, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and shopping plazas. Check solutions online

A vertical compacting setup is designed so that waste dumping can be simplified where driver time can be saved and maintenance costs can be reduced substantially. All of any side openings are eliminated with vertical compacting, where possible waste material could ordinarily leak out or spill out.

The elimination of over a half ton of dead weight is achieved as less mechanical parts are required to achieve the same results. Since the ram is located above the refuse, and trash and liquids that would normally collect behind the blade are kept at bay, there will be no more cylinders fouled up or damaged when the winter freeze occurs.

A vertical compactor makes dumping very efficient and quick. The driver receives a green signal light that gives him the go-ahead for the container to be removed for dumping.

A vertical compactor will use a tremendous amount of force to get the refuse into the container, using up to 13 or so tons of crushing power to force the ram up to 18 inches into the container. When the ram is not being used, it seals off the container giving a constant, steady pressure on top of the refuse, which maintains and increases pressure and reduces the back spring of the refuse.

Vertical compactors also help to reduce costs of labor, they reduce the number of necessary trash pickups, and they reduce facility waste to up to 80% which promotes a lot fewer trips to the dumpster.

Loading locations can be a top fed dumpster type of depositing of the refuse, a side level mode, or even through a door in a building into the compactor. Customized loading options are fairly routine and easy to customize depending upon the need.

Vertical compactors utilize gravity as a helper in getting the refuse to stay down and be in a position to readily be compacted. Once the refuse is compacted, it will have the tendency to stay that way simply due to gravity and the fact that it has been compressed so heavily, and so powerfully in the first place.

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